Wastewater treatment

New and modernized WWTPs

Need to modernize WWTPs often originates from tightened permits: there is an increasing pressure to improve nitrogen, phosphorus and e.g. medicine residue removal capability. Another common reason is simply capacity. Today, also recreational value of the water is increasingly important and therefore WWTPs may need to disinfect the affluent before discharging to water body.

  • AQUAZONE helps WWTPs to find the most feasible solution to challenge at hand.
  • AQUAZONE updates existing WWTPs with modern MBR technology to produce top class treatment results – customer avoids investing in completely new WWTP.
  • AQUAZONE delivers new, custom designed plants that are compact and easy to commission. Plants typically based on MBR technology are fit to compact containers resulting with easiest and fastest WWTP projects in the market.
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Waste water disinfection

If your WWTPs capacity and general capability is in good shape, and you only need effluent disinfection, Aquazone’s chemical waste water disinfection fits perfectly for the purpose. The solution requires no heavy infrastructure and is easy to take into use; preinstalled container hosting chemical, pumps, sensors, dosing automation and all necessary accessories is delivered as preinstalled package. The chemical used, is environmentally friendly oxidizing agent that leaves no harmful side products or residue

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