Sewer corrosion and odor control

Bad odor and corrosion in sewer systems is caused by dangerous H2S gas forming in anoxic environment. AQUAZONE’s mobile H2S prevention system is mobile chemical dosing unit containing integrated chemical storage and dosing automation. The systems are delivered as dimensioned-for-purpose and ready-to-install.

  • All equipment and chemical storage in one compact unit
  • Fully mobile
  • Remotely controlled
  • Monitoring and reporting in web.
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AQUAZONE is market leading chemical odour and corrosion prevention system!

AQUAZONE’s chemical odor and corrosion prevention solution is based on automatically controlled dosing of oxidizing chemical (peroxide solution, called AQUAZONE 60) to sewage. Chemical releases oxygen to sewage water and thus inhibits the function of bacteria responsible for hydrogen sulphide generation in the water. The method is much more effective that traditional filter solutions, that remove H2S gas from the air – chemical method prevents H2S formation and thus it also significantly slows down corrosion.

Dosage of AQUAZONE chemical is controlled by patented automation solution. Dosing automation reacts on changes in water quality and based on measured parametres, dosing is either increased or decreased.

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