Our company, established in 2009, is specialized in waste water treatment and optimization of waste water treatment processes together with our partners.

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In water treatment area our Aquazone solutions and services are utilized by municipal industrial waste water treatment plants. We have grown fast in corrosion and odour prevention due to our cost-efficient solution that provide fast and reliable solutions for sewage systems suffering from corrosion and bad odour.

Regulatory requirements for waste water treatment have tightened over the past few years and they are getting even more strict e.g. in terms of nutrient removal, medical residuals and pathogens removal. Our solution for this challenge is new efficient membrane based technology (MBR), which we are introducing to waste water treatment plants. Our services cover planning and site implementation as turn-key solutions. Membrane based technologies are widely used internationally as they produce superior treatment results with affordable cost. We both deliver completely new plants as well as renovate existing units.

Aquazone is innovative, dynamical water technology company that grows fast. Our goal is to solve customer problems with most cost efficient way without compromising quality and reliability.

Aquazone is owned by JK Corporation, Finnish family run company. Our revenue is growing fast and we work closely with best Finnish and international experts.

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We want to be preferred partner to provide water treatment technologies. Our expertise is valued by our customers and partners.


We improve our customers’ operational efficiency and help them save in investments by offering our customers environmentally friendly and reliable solutions and services that meet ever tightening environmental regulations also in longer term.


- Expertise

- Customer focus
- Accountability
- Openness


We respond to our customers’ needs fast and efficiently.

Our partners are best in the industry.

When delivering customer focused solutions and services, we are committed to quality, reliability and continuous improvement in all our operations.