Aquazone Oy

Innovative solutions for water treatment and industry



Our key principle is to keep custmer’s benefit, long and short term, in mind in all our dealings. Design factors, such as resuse of existing investments, maximized lifespan of infrastructure, securing safe and stabile operations are optimized in each project.

In corrosion and odour control projects it is essential to find root causes for problems. That only enables sustainable solution for the problem. Our customers may have been fighting against serious odour and corrosion problems for years – with Aquazone approach the problem that has been there “forever” is solved in just couple of months.


Wastewater treatment

AQUAZONE helps WWTPs to find the most feasible solution to challenge at hand.

Chemical Sewage Sludge Treatment

Our partner, Suomen Ekolannoite Ltd is specialized in chemical treatment of sewage and industrial sludge.

Sewer Corrosion And Odor Control

AQUAZONE’s mobile H2S prevention system is mobile chemical dosing unit containing integrated chemical storage and dosing automation.


Our experts have years of experience from leading challenging projects.

Research And Product Development

Aquazone clean water unit that is used to produce drinking water from wastewater and to study different techniques to remove contaminants from wastewater was introduced on Thursday 16th of November 2017.